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Be sure to shower or bath your face, hair and body with soap to throughly cleanse yourself.  It is not necessary to get soap in the eyes but wash the eyelids and lashes with soap to insure that they are clean.

A light meal before surgery is advisable and will keep you comfortable.

Wear comfortable, freshly laundered clothing.  Something you might be comfortable and warm lounging around the house in is good, but it must be clean, unworn and unsoiled. It's best to avoid clothing which puts off a lot of lint.

You will need someone to drive you to surgery and to take you home.  By law, you cannot drive on the day of surgery for any reason.  You should be in the surgery center for about 2 hours and  in the surgical suite for about 20 minutes.  The actual Lasik surgery typically takes less than a minute.  The process is a little bit like cutting a diamond in that there's lots of preparation time  to be sure that it is done correctly and then it is over quickly. It's not uncommon to have patients say “ That's it? You're done already?”

When you arrive at the surgery center you will fill out some forms and a nurse will escort you into your preoperative lounger.  You will be offered a pill to relax you, usually Valium, and asked some questions about your health and your procedure.  Then you can lay back and listen to music until you are relaxed enough that  you are ready for your procedure.

When you enter the operating suite you will lie down on a cushioned table which will turn to place your eyes under the operating microscope head of the laser.  Numbing eye drops will be placed into your eyes and you rest and get used to the lights of the laser until you are ready to procede. The eyelids are wiped  to clean them and draped with a thin sheet of sterile plastic to keep your lashes away from the surgical area before a lid speculum is placed on the eye to stop blinking from bumping into the procedure site.  When you say that you are ready, the procedure is performed. During the procedure, you may feel some pressure on the eye, but it is typically less than you would experience if you rubbed your eyes that were irritated by allergies.  Eye drops to numb and lubricate the eyes are used throughout the procedure and antibiotic eyedrops are instilled after it is done.

After you leave the surgery center, be sure to keep your eyes closed in the car and go straight home to sleep for a few hours. Any irritation in the eyes postoperatively is greatly relieved by sleeping for a few hours and letting your eyelids do their job, protecting the eyes so that they can rapidly heal.  You will have one postoperative visit with Dr. Limberg in the first 24 hours, then again in a week.  Additional visits over the first year are also scheduled according to  your individual needs.  You are always welcome to schedule an appointment earlier than you are scheduled for if you desire!

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