"Having LASIK was easier than learning to put contacts in"

James Vasquez


"I am amazed by the entire process. The procedure was easy, the recovery was easy and I got immediate results! I see better now than with either glasses or contacts. I am still getting used to the fact that I can wake up in the morning and not search for glasses... just open my eyes and SEE. Thank you Limberg LASIK team."

Richard Gearhart, KSBY-TV Anchor


"Thank you! I could not be more pleased. As a family physician, I demand excellence in the specialist I refer my patients to. You and your staff showed that and more. I would happily trust you with my eyes again."

Dr. Eric Levy

"Quick & painless… it is truly a gift to be able to see without glasses & contacts. THANK YOU Limberg LASIK team!"

Dr. Jerilynn Campbell, Central Coast Emergency


“Limberg LASIK is the greatest gift you will ever give yourself!”

Dr. Larry Foreman, Arroyo Grande ER Doctor

"The surgery was a complete success! I wish I had done it years ago. The best part was I could go to work the next day with great vision!"

Dr. David Shampain


"Thank you for the gift of sight!"

Dave Congalton, KVEC Radio

"The results are TRIPLE SUPERB!"

Dr. John Holloman

"I've lived most of my life with only one working eye... thanks to Dr. Limberg I now have two and the world looks better!"

Dana Nelson, Pharmacist at HealthPlus Pharmacy


“I was rather apprehensive before my Lasik surgery...but, it’s very simple and I felt nothing; in fact, the whole procedure was painless and very interesting. This from a guy who thought he would be very squeamish about somebody touching his eyeball. Thanks to Dr Limberg it was actually a very enjoyable experience.”

Pat Leahy, Radio DJ KRAZy Country/Santa Ynez Valley


"It's a simple, painless procedure that changes you in ways you can't imagine! No glasses, contacts!

It affects the way you look, dress, and feel everyday in a great and positive way!"

Hear what Pepper has to say about Limberg LASIK

Pepper Daniels, KJUG Radio DJ

"It was wonderful, by far the easiest thing I have ever done for myself, can't believe I didn't do it earlier.

Thank You!”

Bette MacKinnon, KRUZ Radio


“Quick, painless, and an amazingly quick recovery! Each day, I'm grateful to Dr. Limberg for helping me enjoy the beauty of the Central Coast with my crystal clear, 20-15 vision!

Thank you Limberg LASIK!”

Hear what Michael has to say about Limberg LASIK

Michael Shecora, DJ KSTT Radio

"The whole process was a wonderful experience. I never realized I could have such clear eyesight. Everyone in the office is so friendly and professional. You guys have a GREAT team!! We are so fortunate to have  Dr. Limberg on the Central Coast. THANK YOU for my vision - I will never take it for granted!!

Debbie Lambert, Paso Robles


"I live a much happier life now with my new vision. Thank you Dr. Limberg!"

Rosa Padilla, Vandenberg AFB (Free LASIK winner!)

To my awesome Lasik Team...YOU GUYS ROCK.  I am having the best time in the water here in Maui with no contacts, no solution, no glasses, NO HASSLES!! Thank you so much for my new amazing eyesight!!!

Love you all,

Judy Valentine

"I can see!! Your team greatly exceeded all of my expectations. You are a shining example of medical office staff and have given me a gift I will cherish the rest of my life!"

Carol Fuentes, San Luis Obispo

"Now I can see my Granddaughter with 20/20 vision- I only wish I had done it sooner! Thank you Dr. Limberg!"

Diane Poelking, Santa Maria

"Dr. Limberg is incredible! Thank you for my new vision!"

Johnny Leon, Arroyo Grande

"I could see the clock, the experience was excellent!"

Siobhan Ritchie, San Luis Obispo

"This was truly a great experience. Thanks to Everyone at Limberg Eye Surgery."

Barbara Stanley, Grover Beach

"The experience was absolutely painless and surprisingly quick! Every staff member I encountered was very helpful and knowledgeable. I am very impressed!

Cathy Cachu, San Luis Obispo

"Why did I wait so Long?"

Karen Stewart, Morro Bay

"Thrilled with results- wonderful office and surgical staff- appreciated Dr. Limbergs attention to detail."

Corinne Talkin, R.N., Los Osos

"My sight is restored. Bless you and thank you all!"

Brenda Allmann, San Luis Obispo

"I was so nervous and your staff treated me with such wonderful care they made me relax!"

Peggy Zatt, Los Osos

"My experience with LASIK was very good and beyond my expectations. Dr. Limberg is very good at what he does. NO discomfort. I should have had it done sooner!"

Michael Rugg, Nipomo

"WOW, I can see!"

Jill Rosenberg, Pismo Beach

"Clear Vision! Thank you, thank you, Thank you!"

Debby White, San Luis Obispo

"I am 110% pleased. Thanks to everyone involved. Please know that people are thankful for your services."

Tom Wise, Morro Bay

"Jennifer, Connie, Elias, Adam & the girls at Halcyon. I appreciate everything and Dr.Limberg thank you for your expertise! You're the greatest!"

Leonard Morin, Pismo Beach

"The bedside manner of Dr.Limberg is second to none, he walked me thru every step during the procedure. Every staff person is up-beat and answered all questions I had. I will recommend Limberg Eye Surgery to everyone! All I can say is thank you... And oh yah, my vision is now 20/15!"

Heidi Haines, Pismo Beach

"Exceeded my expectations so far for comfort, recovery time, and visual acuity. Everyone was very professional and personable. Thank you all!"

Mason Mathews, Santa Maria

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